The coat - the sort of good that should buy in accordance with all your clothes and

fashion trends.

1. Choosing a coat

Of course, the coat should be suited not only in size and character, but in form, age

and style; the choice of color is very important as well.

The coat should fit the individual style in which sustained all other closes. Besides

you should beforehand consider accessories new coat will combine, choose the

appropriate shoes and bag.

Coats should not cover too tightly because of warm clothes that you wear.

Ideally, every woman should have a classic overcoat. You can buy fashion

accessories each season.

2. Material

The fabric quality determines not only the coat form, but also its durability. The

better the material, the better the coat sitting in the figure, less wrinkled, get wet

and dirty.

3. Labels

In addition to branded labels with the name of the company and its essential

elements there should be label with information about the fabric composition and

recommendations on coat care.

In addition, paper label or sticker must be attached to the coat. There you'll find the

product reference, the size, the designation of the season and the year. Also there

should be a spare set of accessories.

4. The color of clothes

The color of clothes affects the face color. Red or burgundy coat freshen the

complexion and make the blush brighter.

Muted colors are practical; they look elegant and suitable for every day;

Bright colors are attract the attention of others, but are considered to be impractical

and difficult to reconcile with other clothes. They can be chosen, if you already

have a coat of muted colors, suitable for everyday wear.

The classic black coat is always in fashion and is suitable for almost all things, but

at the same time requires increased care as it stick to the villi.

5. Sizes and models

Matching size to one’s height is checked by coat sleeves length - they have to

reach the middle of the palm.

If you buy a coat for a long time, you should choose a classic style model, with

recesses and structure. This coat will emphasize the best in your figure and will be

always fashionable;

If you wear suits, it is desirable to measure the jacket under the coat

For women of small stature and graceful shapes will be good cropped close-fitting

coat, which fitting shape and make it proportional.

For those who wear skirts, coat length should be: a short skirt – skirt should be

closed completely by coat; for the long skirt it is better to choose a short coat with

a belt.

6. Storage coat

In order to keep its shape, coat must be hung on a hanger. Before long-term storage

it is also necessary to clean coat and take appropriate measures to protect against

moths (if wool). The best way to keep the coat is using the sealed pouch (except

polyethylene), which will protect it from dust and allow to "breathe."

7. Coat cleaning.

The coat is not recommended to be washed; it should be cleaned in specialized dry

cleaners. However, some light coats can be put in order at home, follow the

manufacturer special instructions on the label.

8. Where to buy?

The best place to buy a coat is a store that receives the goods directly from the

manufacturers. At first, you get a guarantee of quality, and secondly, do not

overpay dealers.

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